Friday, 24 November 2017

Scratch games

Today room 10 did some coding with Mr Vogt and we made a game were you have to press keys to make sounds. To start press the green flag then press the space bar and read what you have to do Enjoy!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Musical Madness

Zaeeda incy wincy spider... from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Orchestra Writing ( When we came back)

Start Writing Here:

Guess what’s happening today?.... Okay I will tell you. Today the year 5 are going to and orchestra (excited but not excited at the same time). Anyways when we get there I probably would see something like a theatre but we might have to sit outside for a little while first.

When we get there we would also probably see a guide to show us where to go and what we are going to be doing. I think that we would see a group of people with instrument ready to play and maybe once we all get seated they will start to play.

They might even be wearing fancy clothes the kind that your parents might wear when they are when they go out at night. So they might wear formal wear. But again it is a New Zealand Orchestra so they might not wear formal wear.

I have been to and orchestra before but I haven’t been to this one. So this will kind of be a new experience and it won’t at the same time because this orchestra have a circus too !

I bet the acrobats in the circus would wear something shiny so they will really stand out when they do there flips and tricks. I also hope that there would be a clown wearing a lot of make up because my friend is afraid of clowns and I haven’t ever seen her frightened of something.

As you know today the year 5’s went to the orchestra because the year 6’s were on camp. So anyways we went by bus and it took us ages to get there I wasn’t really excited so I just sat and looked out the window while the other were chatting.

So when we got there we went and waited until we had to go inside and soon we did. We got inside and we all sat down in our seats. I was next to GIGI and roshaan. The lights when dim and then slowly it got darker and darker and soon it was only the light on the stage that were allowing us to see.

As I had said before our guide that told us what was happening came and introduced himself and then he did the same to the conductor. (do you know what a conductor is? Is the person that send signals to the people playing the instrument guiding them through the song).

Anyway the first thing that happened was that the people played a song called moonlight. Then when moonlight played there was a queen that needed to find medicine for the king and went into a dark and scary looking forest for it.

Then in the forest there was a fairy a evil fairy who did tricks and dances with hoops and lot of them and she was wearing something black and shiny with not such detail unlike the queen who was wearing a white shiny costume with lot’s of detail and pattern on it.

Then the guide introduced the string instrument the brass and the percussion and the played a song. After that the guide introduced the woodwind and the conductor and then they finished the story.  So the queen finds the medicine but get’s into some trouble and get rescued.

After that the evil fairy dances with someone else who I think is trying to reach her but there is always something separating you. Then last of all the queen and king get reunited in triumph and that was the grand finaly and it also happens to be the most dangerous part in the performance.

I didn’t really enjoy this because I couldn’t really see and my seat was getting pushed in the back which was also uncomfortable but mostly because I don’t feel comfortable when I watch theatre and even when I have to do drama.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Orchestra Writing before we got there

Guess what’s happening today?.... Okay I will tell you. Today the year 5 are going to and orchestra (exicted but not excited at the same time). Anyways when we get there I probably would see something like a theatre but we might have to sit outside for a little while first.

When we get there we would also probably see a guide to show us were to go and what we are going to be doing. I think that we would see a group of people with insturment ready to play and maybe once we all get seated they will start to play.

They might even be wearing fancy clothes the kind that your parents might wear when they are when they go out at night. So they might wear formal wear. But again it is a New Zealand Orchestra so they might not wear formal wear.

I have been to and orchestra before but I haven’t been to this one. So this will kind of be a new expirince and it won’t at the same time because this orchestra have a circus too !

I bet the acrobats in the circus would wear something shiny so they will really stand our when they do there flips and tricks. I also hope that there would be a clown wearing alot of make up because my friend is afraid of clowns and I haven’t ever seen her frightend of somehting.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Extension Animation

Zaeeda Extension Term 4 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This term in extension we had to create an animation explaining how a musical instrument works and what kind of different genres it would play in. I had a lot of fun making this so I hope you Enjoy !

Monday, 20 November 2017

Problem Solving Answer

This week our problem solving was a bit different. We all had to make our partner a problem solving to answer instead.  I also have one with me making the question my partner answering Enjoy!

Problem Solving Question

This week our problem solving was a bit different. We all make our partner a problem solving to answer instead. I also have one with me answering my partners question Enjoy!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Blog Commenting

WALT: write quality blog comments
WALT: give each other helpful feedback

Your comment:
Hi My name is Zaeeda from room 10 and I am glad you liked this post. I am also happy that you are going to try this at home. You asked if it would work with any blade of grass. It would work but it is easier to use a thick blade. Thanks for commenting on our blog.
Your comment
:Hi Room 3. It's Zaeeda from Room 10 at Pt England School. I loved that you guys went swimming and learnt how to stay safe in the water. This post reminds me of when room 10 went swimming, next time you should make a movie about it or maybe just write some text on the presentation.


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Your comment:
Hi Room 3. My name is Zaeeda and I am from room 10 from Pt England school. Wow what a mind blowing post. I liked how you showed us a great way to recycle. But next time you should draw pictures or maybe share some recycling facts.

Keep up the good work !

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Musical Fractions

This week we did an activity called musical fractions because this term or theme is musical madness. this is a good learning tool to learn maths because you learn fractions and addition because 1/4+ 1/4= 1/2.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Flight of the Bumblebee

This week room 10 did a activity together. In this activity we had to listen to a piece of music then draw what the piece of music reminds to of. I drew bees doing ballet because in part of the music it gets loud then it gets low and the music gets hard and then soft a bit like in ballet. I also drew bees doing ballet because in some part it sound like they recorded bees and used it in the song.

I drew two pictures on had a bee going adventure and the other had a bees doing ballet. I drew a bee going on an adventure because the bee gets lost and then it get hurt that's when the music gets loud. but her returns safely back in the hive because that's when the music gets soft.

the composer's name is Rimsky Korsakor. He was born in 1844 and died 1980 and he is from Russia.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Problem Solving

This week we are learning to understand decimals. I liked doing this problem solving because it help my brain keep fit and healthy I also liked it because I love decimals.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Text Response

This week Maugakiekie had to read some text and respond to the text. this is what we had to respond to. Do you think it is a good Idea to learn you r timetable through songs Why/ or Why not ?

My opinion: This is my response I think it is a GREAT!!!! idea to learn our timetable through a song because people really like listening music and you would have a lot of fun  making it to. 

Prof from the text:
I also think it is a good Idea because when people like a song it is really easy to learn a song and if a song has your times tables in them they would learn there timetable. Just like the ABC song it teaches you your ABC's. scientist have also researched that pairing music and rhythm and pitch  it can also raise your learning because music intend to help us pay attention it can also make boring activities much more amusing.

Drama Recount

This morning room 10 did something different. Something that we don’t usually do on normal mornings , instead of doing writing like a normal Tuesday we did a cool activity that we now have to do a recount about. So this is how it went.

This morning we had team assembly as we usually do on a normal Monday morning. But we had it on Tuesday because we had a labour weekend. So we had a normal assembly then we had S.S.R as usually, you’d think it just a typical morning in room 9/10 but then…..

When room 10 literacy was called to the mat things started to change. We watched a video of Mr bean and we talked about how he acts without using his voice. Some people thought it was funny but me and Levonah didn’t.

After the video Miss West told us to go and line up outside so we could go to the top  field which we don’t usually do on most normal mornings. Anyways we lined up and waited to see what crazy activity awaited us on the field.

When arrived on the field Miss West told us to form a circle. A lot of people thought that we were going to play duck duck goose but we didn’t get our hopes up too soon because Miss West told us it was too wet. We got into a circle and waited for Miss West’s instructions.

As we listened to Miss West instructions I saw that my legs had started to get goose bump. Then I started to clatter my teeth I tried to stop myself but it was really hard. So I pop my hands and mouth into my jumper. It helped a little but I was still cold.

Miss West told us that we were going to do a little drama without using our mouth. This is what we had to do. One person would stand in the middle of the circle pretending to play a sport when Miss West would say FREEZE ! The person playing the sport would have to freeze in whatever position they were in.

Then another person would come in and then change the position from a sport to something else. It was really funny. Because Jedida did this funny act were Amira was running away with money when Jedida came in and made it look like they were lifting weights.

After the second person has changed the act the first person would leave and the second person would freeze in the position they are in. Then another person would come and the they would do the same thing. So that what we did for a little while.

Then we did this another activity where we all had to get into a group of three or four. I was in a group of three with Amira and Ayvah which was funny because I was the only person that started with Z.  Anyways we had to make a scene with our group then someone from another group had to guess what it was.

Amira got this cool Idea were she would steal money from Ayvah then I would be a cop who would chase after Amira. It was really funny especially when Pisi said that we were playing hide n seek and Ayvah was peeking and me and Amira were running to hide.

When we were doing this activity I didn’t really feel comfortable because I have been told and I do think that I am not really a good actor. I did like this activity but I didn’t really like the environment we were doing it in.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Problem Solving

This week we did something different we looked at probability. Probability is when you talk about if something was luck or skill. If a game was fair or unfair.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The call of the conch

This week the group Maugakiekie did a comprehension task it is a true or false quiz and here is the quiz we had to find evidence in the text to support what we were saying it was fun when we talked about the question in a group and it was fun figuring out the right answers.

Immersion Assembly

This morning I hopped out of bed and got ready for school. Do you know why? Because it was the first day of Term 4. When we arrived at school I said bye to my sister as I bumped into Aaliah one of my old friends. I gave her a big squeeze okay I know it was a bit over the top but we hadn’t seen each other for 2 whole weeks.

Anyways we walked for a while and we found my cousin Farah we walked to the breeze and found what the theme for this term was MUSICAL MADNESS. At first I had no Ideas what that meant and how did it relate to kaitiakitanga i nga wa katoa english translation we are guardians of the people and environment around us.

When the bell rang the fun really started. We all entered and said hello to all of our lovely teacher I gave Mrs Buchanan a hug as she greets us with her friendly smile. Then I give Miss West a hug and went to say hi to all my friends which to some time. Especially  if I give each of them a 20-30 second hug. The bell rang and I went to line up.

When we arrived at the hall I saw that most of the teacher had really groovy hair styles. They also had headphones, bongo drums, normal drums, ukuleles and mirankers it really was a site to see. I sat down excitedly ready to see what the first Item was.

The first Item had the teachers playing snap and they decide they should listen to some music. They played all kind of songs. These are some of the songs they played. The first song that was really funny the second song  was really scary the last song was just right. It was a bit like Goldilocks.

The second Item was kind of like show where  all the instrument work together as a team. They started with Miss Gastion playing in the jungle on a ukulele and then Miss Naulder came and joined in. She played her instrument followed by Miss Tumahai. Miss Peck came on last but went of stage first. My Favourite Groovy hairstyle was Miss Gaston’s.

The next item was from team 3. It was about using music to tell a story. They did this funny movie where they changed their speech into part of a song. It sounded like they were singing their conversation. My personal favorite is the part where Miss Eadie Miss King and Miss Davis come in and they changed  the speech and it was like they had sung it’s just me myself and I.

Next it was the Fourth Item was from the teacher of team 4. They did this super cool video sitting in the car listening to music and whichever music they played they would have a different reaction. My favorite part was in the end where Mr Jacobson was in his van looking at the other teachers.

The last Item was team 5 my sisters in that team you might know her from my earlier stories. Anyways team 5 did this act where they had a family night and they watched movies. When the  movie changes the expressions on the family’s faces changed.  I didn’t have a favourite part in this movie because I liked all of it.

Wow this was one heck of a show I can’t wait to see what adventure awaits us in the future as we learn create and share with each other.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 4.57.17 PM.png

Monday, 16 October 2017

Musical madness

That right it is term 4 already and this term our theme is musical madness. Here is a small task that we did and it shows some of the thing we already know about music.
Made with Padlet

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Solar System Fractions

This week room 10 did a task. it was about the solar system. it was also had something to do with decimals and fractions. good thing we had learnt about turning decimals in to fractions last week. I didn't have much trouble but I worked with my friends to help them and explain what was happening. I also think that it is fun to help others.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Planet Earth and Beyond

This this week in room 10 literacy group Maungakiekie made a quiz for there reading task. my one it all about what we've been learning this term. Try it out and have fun !

Trip to Stardome

Paideia seminar

Last Tuesday  the year 5&6 extension had there once in a term paideia seminar.  When I arrived in Ict I was really Panicked because I didn’t know what to say or when to say it but still I didn’t dare say a thing.

When the bell rang for lunch I was so relieved because we had Live stream practice and I thought that would take my mind of things but boy was I wrong. The only thing I could think about during lunch was the paideia seminar. My friends tried snapping me out of it but it was no use.

The bell rang and my face dissolved into tears my I watered like rain. Tears ran down my face like a waterfall. My Teacher decided to take me to Ict my lips went dry and I started to get goose bump as I entered Ict.

I lined up silently as we started towards tusitala. This was scary because all of a sudden my brain had flipped and I wasn’t to keen about my planet anymore. The reason I was scared was because I didn’t know how my group would react to what I said.

I sat down on my seat and waited for the seminar to take place. I didn’t talk much of the time but soon then Hinerangi asked to hear what I have to say. I told what was in my brain and as I did my one of the members in my group yelled Pure honesty I felt better and told more about why our planet wasn’t the best.

At the end of the seminar I was relieved that I didn’t have to think about what was going on.  But as people decided to leave Mrs Sinclair came and started talking to me about what had happened at lunch. I didn’t want to answer so I just said what was at the  back of my mind. Even that didn’t get me out of there she just reminded my of the other production back in da day.

So that how I decided I wasn’t the production type and I wouldn’t ever audition in a production ever again.

The thing I did better this time would probably be that I  said things that I had thought really deeply about. My goal next time would be not to do anything like that in my lunch time espacially when it is on the week if the paidaie seminar. Next time My goal would also be to try and contributte more with thing that will help my group instead of what wouldn’t help my group.

The thing I learnt most in this experience is that I Being civilized is not the best thing because it make people greedy and leave people homeless. I also think being civilized is not a good Idea because when we are civilized places like America are always focused on thing they don’t have they don’t care about thing they already have. So that is what I learnt most about.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


This week we had a bunch of questions and we had to answer them and then show were we got our answer from 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Solar Eclispse

 WOW! We have just gotten to witness the eclipse in 2017 august 21st. This will go down in history and I will probably remember this until the next solar eclipse.

I was so lucky that they were handing out eclipse glasses so our eyes won’t get damaged even a little ray of the solar eclipse even for a few second can damage your eyes.

Do you know what a solar  eclipse is well I am about to tell you a solar eclipse is when the moon goes over the sun but since the moon it to cover the sun completely there are still a few bead poking out one of them are called the diamond ring.

Wow this was so cool did you know that when there is a solar eclipse human aren’t the only one reacting. animals and plants also react. For example flowers might start to close up.

This has been amazing being able to watch this eclipse it would probably be the only eclipse I would remember. In the future I would love to watch a solar eclipse so till then.

Animation Voice over

’The earth is so polluted’’ said Zaria “ I agree” said Alisha let’s go find a new planets. Should we take my rocket or yours? said Alisha “hmmm… let’s take mine” replied Zaria “okay”Said Alisha. They boarded the rocket made out of pizza’s and blasted to outer space. “We are out of this world” said Zaria  “haha very funny” replied Alisha.

They past all the planets in the solar system. “Mars jupiter neptune pluto Uranus moon earth venus saturn that’s all of them we are officially out of the solar system” said Alisha “and have arrived at our first planet’’ finished Zaria.

They landed on the planet but the ship had turned into a normal rocket “hey what gives said Zaria “don’t worry remember you are on another planet right now”said a mysterious voice. Zaria knew that voice from somewhere but were “who said that” Zaria replied as she jumped into one of her karate moves.

“Don’t worry I am in your space watch/phone/communicator”said the voice Zaria looked at her watch and saw a friendly face “Zaeeda” she shouted in relief. Zaria was talking to Zaeeda on the watch but Alisha had already started looking for the right resources that make a planet habitable.

“This is a good planet” said Zaria to Zaeeda “and it has all the right resources” Alisha finished out of the blue. The celebrated and got Zaeeda to alert the rest of the planet. Everyone landed on crownania the new planet to support human life.

A few years later…..

’The earth is so polluted’’ said Zaria “ I agree” said Alisha “here we go again” Zaria said.


Monday, 21 August 2017

Capture the flag

WOOOOW!!!!! I have just had the best experience EVER!!!!! Just joking  this morning room 10 went outside for a game of capture the flags but we didn’t really do anything except wait. We had to wait for our turn and we had to wait for the cones to be set up wow.

The worst part was that  I also got my feet muddy for nothing because the field was really muddy. I am usually cool with it but today I am just mad really really  mad it make me want to MMMMMMMMM…. Never mind.

Now we have to write a recount about what happened and that is even worst. Today is just not my day. I hate it when it is not my day sigh. I can’t wait till school is over.

I also feel really stink because I was only  in one of the round and heaps of people got two rounds, life is so not fair. Guess what else the game I was in was like only 1 minute life goes fast when your play a game. Probably because we had to reset the cones.

Back to the story once we got back to class there was a live stream call out I thought maybe that would get the game off my mind but it was just for the ending scene sigh sigh sigh.

And now I feel left out because heaps of people are talking to each other and I am sitting here being bored. I hated this experience sigh. I might not come school tomorrow because it was really cold outside and now my feet are freezing and I can only walk when I tip toe.

So there the worst school experience I have ever had in my whole time at school so far well I guess I haven’t spent much time at school well let’s see if tomorrow's my day.


Today room 10 literacy got to experience scanning. Scanning is when you have an amount of time and you have to dig up information about the book and what happens in the book without reading it here is the task we did have you ever done scanning ?

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Fitting a bike helmet

This week we tried on bike helmets and we had a bike safety lesson my bike helmet size if medium what size are you?
here are some the instructions you should do before riding

  1. Check for cracks by pulling it out but not to hard
  2. Put helmet on head and see if it fits  see if it fits by putting 2 finger on your forhead or you can fit more than 2 fingers on and you still  doesn’t reach  your eyebrows it is too small
  3. Then you have to tip you head over and see if it falls off if it does try another one if it doesn’t good ( watch out for others)
  4. Next check the straps usually is would be in a v but we don’t want a v we want a y you can adjust the straps from the buckles under your chin
  5. Check once more if  the helmet doesn’t fall off  don’t forget to try multiple ones
  6. Click the straps and make sure it clicks then you are ready
  7. Check if you can fit 2 finger under your chin.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Problem Solving

Earth Natural Resources

Do you ever wonder what the earth's natural resource are? Well I am about to tell you about the earth's resources,  I am also going to tell you about what make our planet habitable.

Some of the earth's natural resource might surprise you. A few of the earth's natural resources are oxygen and sun.  natural resources are important to us because if we didn’t have natural resources we wouldn’t be able to live.

The first resource I am going to discuss with you is  the sun. The sun is a natural resource it is used for multiple things like growing plants and drying clothes. The sun is a really important resources because we wouldn’t have days with out the sun. The sun is found in the middle of the solar system. DING DING mini fact the sun is at the middle of the solar system did you know that planet have Goldilocks zone and we need just the right zone.

Next I will be talking about soil. Soil, what is soil ? Well most people call soil dirt but scientist have a special scientific name for it called soil.  Soil is very important because without soil we wouldn’t have plants and without plant we wouldn’t have tree and if there was no trees we would have no fruit. Soil is found in lots of different forms sometimes sticky and squish and sometimes hard and tough but we all know that it is soil aka dirt. DING DING mini fact did you know that soil has air in it is  soil how does the soil get air in side well tiny bugs like ants and worm dig hole in the soil so that's how soil has air in it.

last but hopefully not least I come to my last resource. I am now going to discuss water. Water is a type of liquid that keeps us hydrated water can become a solid and a liquid and a gas. 71% of the earth is covered with water and 95% of the ocean is undiscovered.  DING DING mini fact earth has a lot of resources but water is the most renewable resources ever.

So  I hope you learned something. One more thing I am going to tell you these resources are dieing and there are more that are dieing out there and it is for uncountable number of reasons that those resources are dieing so in my opinion we should all pitch in to help save planet earth. What is your opinion?

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

My Birthday

Today it was my birthday and  it was my birthday. We had a really yummy cake and I got money for my presents My friends at school also gave me Gifts ( lucky Me). we had chicken and chips for dinner and cake for desert. This birthday was special because now I am double digits (YAY!!).

Here are Most of the picture                   

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Gauridians of the Galaxy Writing

It is take your kid to work day and Zaria goes to the space station with her dad because her dad is a scientist. She is really excited because she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up.

At the space station Zaria finds out that earth's resources are being destroyed Zaria was still thinking about it when Her dad disappears into a lab with the other scientists. He tells Zaria to go to the waiting room where she would meet some other kids to play with and gives her some money to buy food. Then leaves Zaria to amuse herself.

Zaria is looking for the waiting room when she finds a spaceship in one of the rooms. Curiously she goes to take a look inside the spaceship. Suddenly out of the blue the spaceship starts up and Zaria is confused about what was happening soon she is soon blasted off into outer space.

Back at the station the scientists are alarmed of what happened.  Zaria changed into a space suit and got to the driver seat. Zaria had to dodge planets and meteorites and other things like satellite transmitters.

While Zaria was there she decide to go look for another planet to support human life force. While Zaria was in out of space she saw brown lines all around the land on earth and even the cloud weren’t as white anymore wow she says in disappointment the earth is so polluted.

Zaria goes to a tones planets But none of them had the right you resources some of them didn’t have the right oxygen level, some didn’t have plants or water, some we inhabited, and some we get dead dark.
Zaria looks and looks, she looks right, she looks left and she looks up and down but nothing. Soon Zaria comes upon another planet It looks like Earth but The species of plants were different.

Zaria soon realised that the species are the same on Earth. Zaria names the planet Crownania. She Quickly started up the rocket again and flew back to Earth to tell the other everyone about the new discovery she made.

But  back at the space station the Scientist had already found out about Zaria Discovery. They got all the humans ready and their animals ready to leave Earth. Zaria arrived and got a big surprise everyone had  boarded spaceships and we're already blasting off.

Zaria found her dad and asked what was happening he said that we know what you found when you were in outer space then her told her she was grounded because she didn’t have parent supervision our permission to do that.How do you know I found a new planets it was a camera in your space so we could keep track of what was happening Oh that explains it.

After everyone had boarded a rocketship and had gone to Crownania Zaria stayed behind and looking at some of the damaged resources. If this is how humans treat this world who knows what they would do to crownaninia.

Just as Zaria was born in the spaceship she got an idea What if  I people to keep crownania clean after all I am the founder of crownania.

Zaria Went back to Crownainia and told everyone to look after this planet if you want to live on it. And from then on maybe then did the  earthlings learn there lesson.