Friday, 21 July 2017

Back to School

Holiday Blogging 21

This trip are Aoateroa was amazing because we learnt all the hidden information about New Zealand. I also Liked this trip because of all the new place I have seen even though I Live in New Zealand  I still learned something. There only thing I found surprising was that Auckland has the most boats in the world. I loved everything about this trip.

Holiday Blogging 20

Here I am doing something relaxing reading is relaxing because when you get into the book it like you forget all your problems.

Holiday Blogging 19

Holiday Blogging 18

For this Activity I have to list the Kapa Haka from the All Blacks from best to worst.

I think that this Kapa Haka is the best.

I think that this Kapa Haka is the Second best.

And I think that this Kapa Haka might not have been there best work.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Holiday Blogging 17

For this Activity I have been asked to list 3 event from matariki.

1. There is the Kapa Haka
2. There is the fireworks
3. and lastly there is the kites

Holiday Blogging 16

Whats that island
I wonder what strange creatures live on the land

Wait what If do something that is band